Würzburg on the romantic road, lies climatially favoured
in a valley of the Main River. Landmark of the city is the Fortress Marienberg, 
which rises on a vineyard hill, 110m over the Main River.
From there a magnificient view is offered over the old part of the city
and the adjacent quarters laying beyond the river.

 The Residenzcity on the Main River owes its world
fame to two ingenious artists: the sculptor Tilmann Riemenschneider
 and the building master Balthasar Neumann.
 It is because of his work that until today the city maintains its baroque buildings.

 Bordered by the Spessart mountains in the west, the Rhön and south
Thuringia in the north, the Steigerwald in the east as as the Taubertal in the south.
The Frankonian wine country, tourism and economical centre as well.
There where the Main River forms a triangle (and then following a square)
 you find the most prosperous area of wine growing in lower Frankonia.

The impressive characterization of "Germany touristic equator"
underlines both, favorable climatic conditions and the traffic-favorable situation.
Upon leaving the W�rzburg centre, the wine country offers you an infinite wealth
of art- and culture history. Also museum friends will be fully satisfies in the Frankonian wine country.

W�rzburg is marked by its gorgeous baroque, with its Emperor hall located
in the Prince Bishops Residenz, and the annual baroque celebration,
reminiscent to the past.

The Frankonians are extremely proud of their wines. The bottle a
"bocksbeutel", short and bulgy can only contain Frankonian wine
and is well known all over the world.